Shioya English(塩屋 イングリッシュ) 塩屋・垂水・須磨の英会話教室

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Shioya English(塩屋 イングリッシュ) キャラクター

Trick or Treat in 塩屋北町

eComでも10月31日(金)16:00~18:00に”Trick or Treat”をしますよ!ぜひ参加してください。ベストドレス賞には1レッスンプレゼントです☆

Yes, it's that time of the year in Japan where Halloween is just around the corner & here at eCom we are getting ready! We have a really fun event lined up of course, so here's some glimpses of what we'll be doing. Something about getting into costume just releases the inner thespian in all of us, doesn't it? Ha ha...