Shioya English(塩屋 イングリッシュ) 塩屋・垂水・須磨の英会話教室

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Shioya English(塩屋 イングリッシュ) キャラクター

『紅葉の下で英会話!』 in 須磨離宮公園


eCom's "Autumn Leaf Viewing" event, today at Suma Rikyu Park. Today we spent a relaxing couple of hours enjoying the captivating beauty of one of Japan's best outdoor seasonal viewing events! A big thanks to all that came and enjoyed 'Koyo' together with us, the kids could play on the climbing gym while the adults enjoyed the other interesting hints and pointers we could share regarding learning how to speak fluently. Perfect location, excellent weather and a great bunch of people. Enjoy the photos!